R2G is a family office and wealth manager that was established in August 2016 by industrialist, Oldřich Šlemr.

R2G has senior in-house capability and expertise to evaluate, execute and manage investments.

R2G’s objectives are capital preservation and asset growth through conservative portfolio management and long-term growth orientated equity investments.

R2G’s activities are organised in two pillars: Direct Investments and R2G Wealth.

Our offices are in Prague.

Direct investments

Direct investments are executed through R2G Club, an investment platform with access to in excess of EUR 1 billion of readily available funds.

R2G Club supports the R2G Foundation established by our founder and industrialist, Oldřich Šlemr, and the foundations and families of software pioneers and entrepreneurs Pavel Baudiš and Eduard Kučera.

Direct investments
R2G Wealth

R2G Wealth supports the R2G Foundation established by our founder Oldřich Šlemr.

The objective of R2G Wealth is sustained wealth preservation and long-term capital appreciation.

This is in principle achieved through an endowment-style approach to investing across all asset classes.

R2G Wealth’s Investment Committee oversees the strategic asset allocation in a structured and institutionalized manner.

The R2G Wealth management practice is responsible for the selection of external managers and for a global platform diversification.

R2G Wealth has its own dedicated trading platform.

Art Foundation

For many years, the R2G Art Foundation has been systematically building a comprehensive art collection from the 18th century to the present day. We collect not only art of Czech origin, but also artists who have influenced the cultural development of our country in the Central European context.
The aim is to create a representative exhibition from the collections of the R2G Art Foundation and other private collections which will be exhibited in the Renaissance premises of Martinicky Palace at the Prague Castle. 

The team

Michal Smrek

Chief Executive Officer

Jakub Dyba

Head of New Investments

Michal Šlemr

Investment Portfolio Manager

Aleš Zídek

Director, Structuring and Valuations

Damian Beaven

Director, Transactions

Alena Naatz

Director, Compliance and Portfolio Management

Marek Skreta

Head Advisor Wealth Management

Věra Bechyňová

Director, Wealth and Human Resources

Libor Koďousek

Risk Management and Corporate Treasury

Our values


We are committed to deliver value to our families, their foundations and portfolio companies. We source, create and execute as a team. We share information and success amongst us and our portfolio companies.


We build long-term, respectful and reliable relationships with our business partners through open and honest communication.


We emulate the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder. We use expertise and experience in adding value to our portfolio companies. We embrace and drive innovation where we can.


Our decisions are based on accountability, experience, focus and judgment. Our families always come first.


We are a family office based on family values. We are committed to discretion and the highest ethical standards.

Martinicky Palace

This building is one of the most beautiful Renaissance structures from the second half of the 16th century. The palace exteriors are richly decorated with figural sgraffito, while the interior hides carefully preserved Renaissance beamed ceilings. Curiously, it was only recently discovered that the palace has the same layout as the Royal Palace at Prague Castle, only at half-scale.

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