Direct investments

Direct investments are executed through R2G Club, an investment platform with access to in excess of EUR 1 billion of readily available funds.

R2G Club supports the R2G Foundation established by our founder and industrialist, Oldřich Šlemr, and the foundations and families of software pioneers and entrepreneurs Pavel Baudiš and Eduard Kučera.


Primary allocation of assets into direct investments in active businesses.

Direct investments should be long-term, conservative and cash generative. We also invest into young companies with significant growth and innovation potential.

We invest primarily in the region of CEE and SEE, with a focus on Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Romania.

We prefer to acquire rights that will enable us to participate in value creation by assisting businesses with regional and global expansion and driving innovation.

We promote family values in partnership with other similarly positioned family offices and foundations.

We are not limited by sector. However, we will invest only into ethical businesses.


R2G Club supports the R2G family foundation of our founder and industrialist, Oldrich Slemr, and the foundations and families of software pioneers and entrepreneurs Pavel Baudis and Eduard Kucera.

An economist by education, Oldrich is one of the most successful Czech industrialists since the “Velvet Revolution”. Together with his business partner, Oldrich systematically transformed MITAS, the old socialistic producer of tyres, into a global specialty tyres and rubber company leader, CGS Holding. CGS is now part of the Trelleborg group of companies.

Oldrich and his business partner not only consolidated the ownership structure, but grew the business through a series of strategic acquisitions (Agro tyres from Continental, Ruma in Serbia, Savatech in Slovenia, etc.), as well as via green field expansions (USA and Mexico).

Eduard Kucera: Is the co-founder, CEO (1991 – 2009) and former Chairman of the Board of Avast Software. Eduard is widely recognized on the Czech market as one of the most talented entrepreneurs and managers. A winner of the 2009 “EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award”, he lead Avast from its start-up phase through its transformation into a “freemium” software model and global growth towards its IPO on the London Stock Exchange in 2018. Eduard still holds significant minority position in Avast Software and continues to be involved in the strategic management of the company, as well as in the avast Foundation, one of the largest charities in the Czech Republic.

Pavel Baudis: Czech entrepreneur and founder of Avast Software, the leading global anti-virus company. Pavel has been in partnership with Eduard since 1989, when they together established Alwil Software, the predecessor of Avast Software. Pavel, by education an IT engineer, still holds a significant minority stake in Avast Software and continues to be actively involved in the creation and upgrade of new anti-malware software programs and applications. Pavel is also actively involved in charitable activities as co-founder of the Avast Foundation. The Avast Foundation is one of the largest and most active charities in the Czech Republic.


Avast Software is a global security software company headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, that develops antivirus software and internet security services. It was founded by Pavel Baudiš and Eduard Kučera in 1988. Avast holds the biggest share of the world market for antivirus applications and its portfolio includes a wide array of security-related products targeting both consumer and corporate markets with over 200 million users.

Messrs. Baudiš and Kučera sold an initial stake of 20% in Avast Software to Summit Partners in 2010. In 2014 CVC Capital Partners acquired a 40 % stake in the company valuing AVAST Software at in excess of USD 1 billion in 2016. Avast Software acquired its competitor AVG for USD 1.3 billion. In 2018 Avast became the largest IT firm to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. At launch, it was valued at GBP 2.4 billion and in 2019 its market capitalization reached in excess of GBP 5 billion.